Asgardian Armor

. . . a bit of Asgardian magic to avert World War III in Iron Man (Vol. III) #64.

After Thor went on a tear in Slokovia, his old friend Iron Man had to stop him from unleashing a wider conflict. Slipping on the Asgardian Thor Armor, Model XXVIII , Mark I, allowed him to knock some sense into the long-haired Norse diety.

The huge suit was powered by a reactor utilizing an enchanted element, a super-dense material, an unknown element of unknown origin that was given to Stark by Thor (who gave the enchanted jewel fragment to Stark with the hope that he might turn it into an energy source that would serve humankind. Stark turned it into a weapon that he then turned on a friend). It may have been a piece of a meteor or it may have held the enchantment of Odin. All we know for certain is that it was energized by Thor himself, and when harnessed by the reactor, it allowed the armor to tap into the same energy field Thor himself does.

While wearing the suit, Iron Man was able to drop Thor with little exertion since the armor channelled the same power that gives Thor's hammer its strength. Beyond that brute strength, in this armor Iron Man could absorb Thor's thunderous blasts, channel it through his suit matrix and shoot it back.

The reactor design was not perfected, nor was it tested before IM took it into battle. As a result, Shellhead wasn't able to draw enough energy to defeat Thor. The thunder god ripped the armor off of Iron Man, trashing it, and revealing that the Asgardian Armor was a mighty exo-skeleton--Iron Man blasted out of it wearing his standard armor underneath. (It should be noted that Victor Von Doom was able to steal the design of the enchanted reactor.)

The armor had a horse shoe-shaped shield that could be lowered to protect the facemask.

Armaments: Enchanted repulsors.

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