Doppelganger Doom Armor

Tony Stark, MTU Alternate, Armor I

Gray, rounded, but not necessarily bulky, the Doppelganger Doom Armor came complete with a hood, cloak, and green kilt section ala Dr. Doom, accented by lighted panels on legs/boots, arms, and mouth, all of which gave it a retro appearance. But make no mistake: this was not some clunky first generation suit of armor. And this was not your Tony Stark.

Worn by a Tony Stark from another dimension in his first appearance, MTU #3, this suit was much more powerful than our Tony’s Model I, Mark I.

The Doppelganger suit had some major weapons: repulsors; massive blasters (including a chestbeam blaster); a host of home-made weapons to take on the Fantastic Four (including the ability to take away their powers); and a neural scrambler (to set opponents’ nerve endings on fire).

The armor could also project magnetic fields. And it had deflector and power shields, too.

Other features included boot jets, fire extinguishing foam (shot from finger), and the capability to project a hologram of his appearance.

The Doppelganger Doom Armor had built-in protection from mental takeovers—even magical ones from the likes of Doc Strange.

This MTU alternate universe Tony Stark continued his adventures with his Iron Maniac armor.

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