Iron Man "Must-Haves"

Whether you're a new ferro fan or an old school Iron Man collector there are some issues and books that you must have. While the list below is by no means comprehensive, you should get yout hands on these items if you really want to know IM.

(BTW, before I get the inevitible e-mails, complaining how left out the Armor Wars or the first time Rhodey wore the armor, et al., let me just say: In this section I'm talking about issues that have some special feature or reason for buying them beyond the story. It goes without saying that you should buy all the old comics you can...)

The Iron Manual . . .One of the greatest Iron Man comics, this one-shot book gives insight into the construction and history of Iron Man via Tony Stark's personal files and comments.

Tales of Suspense #48 . . . contains the first real break down of Iron Man's armor, giving an inside look at the new armor.

Tales of Suspense #55 . . . provides fans with the first Armor Guide. This issue is the original Iron Manual. 'Nuff Said.

Iron Man: The Legend . . . Part of a series of stand alone Legend books, this a great collector's item. Full of brief tech specs on the armors, bios of friends and foes, and much more, Iron Man: The Legend is a quick refresher for the die-hard fan or an introduction to Shellhead lore for the newcommer. A great reference book, although it does contain errors.

The Essential Iron Man, Volumes 1 and 2 . . . These black and white reprint editions include Shellhead's earliest appearances. Vol. 1 is a "Must-Have" for the fan who either can't find, or can't afford, early TOS issues. (Collectors Note: Both are pretty good for re-reading those classic stories without having to worry about damaging your valuable issues.)

Avengers 1 1/2 . . . Bruce Timm brings us a great nostalgic trip back to the Avengers early days.

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