Iron Man Miscellany

(Stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else.)

Way back in 1995, Marvel Comics introduced a line of CD-ROM Comics. The books were: Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, and Spider-Man. These CDs featured top quality graphics, an exciting adventure with our heroes, along with background and trivia. There was also sound FX and several MPEG-type movies. While a second series was planned, it never materialized.

Click here to download MPEG clips from the CD (and the '90s cartoon). might have some cool Marvel hero cakes, but here's a custom Marvel birthday cake my now wife gave me more years ago than I care to say. It's based on Iron Man #306 (see right).

Iron Man Birthday Cake

Marvel’s Heroes Exhibition

A couple of years ago, the Marvel Super Heroes Science Exhibition toured America.  Check out the Iron Man exhibit.

Iron Man CD-ROM