My Pontiac Fiero Mera Ferrari

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I had the Fiero tan trim and other plastic pieces painted a lighter tan or black. Check out the difference: Compare the windshield post in this pic to the "after."

Since I keep the t-tops out a lot of the time, I went with a high-grade vinyl instead of leather. Went with the Ferrari scheme of a black dash with shades of tan on the rest of the interior. (Note the tweeter on the passenger-side post.)

I had to chop out PISA's center dash console to make the FI center console fit. The radio area was cut off, the radio was moved up into the HVAC portal, and the HVAC went in the glovebox. (See below.)

It was a little work, but they mated nicely. (Again, although the pic doesn't show it, the upholstery does match the carpet.)

Rob's/Fiero Interiors' center console makes this car look like a Ferrari. Although it's a replica of a 355 console, I think it rounds out my 308 perfectly--its gotta fresh look and it's functional. Most of the switches are hooked-up, including power locks, parking lights, main lights, engine-hood release, as well as power windows and mirrors. (This is an automatic, but who can tell.)

I'd hoped you could see the detail work in this shot, but you can't. Nonetheless, the upholstery is done with Italian (aka double) stitching that looks really awesome.

That's an Alpine CD deck with detachable face, hooked up to accept my iPod and Sirius sat radio. It's powered by a 4-channel Alpine amp.

I didn't want to lose precious storage space when I went to the new interior, so I did some customizing on FI's console. It's a little smaller than the old Fiero box, but it's tighly upholstered and lined with felt-like material. It looks real nice. Plus, like a real 308, it's a lockable "vault" box.

I placed the AC control panel inside a custom box in the glove compartment. (I've got a locking glovebox, btw.)

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Pictures and text copyright Tim Rassbach.