My Pontiac Fiero Mera Ferrari

My Mera Ferrari

This is my 1988 Mera (Pontiac Fiero GT with a Ferrari 308 rebody).

Factory-built on the chasis of a 1988 Fiero GT, this car is not strictly speaking, a "kit car." The Mera was the first 308/328 knock-off, making it a rare commodity like the "Miami Vice" McBurnie Daytona's. (For more on the Mera, check out the Mera Registry.)

I bought the car a couple of years ago after looking at real 308's. Wanting more of a daily driver, and not wanting to pay through the nose for a new clutch or tune-up, I decided to look at vintage Vettes. That's when I found this car at a local classic car shop.

The body and engine were in great shape, but I have put a couple grand into the other mechanicals (brakes, suspension, etc.) It's got Falken tires with wheels by Cromodora of Italy.

In Summer of 2005, I installed a PISA Eurodash and doors, with a customized center console from Fiero Interiors for several "thou." (Let me say at this point that I have a really awesome wife!)

Feel free to contact me about my experience. E-Mail me your comments and questions.

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Pictures and text copyright Tim Rassbach.