A few years ago, Marvel Super Heroes: The Exhibition was touring the country.  The exhibit featured Marvel heroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, and various X-Men in interactive experiments.

Visitors can experience the powers of Marvel heroes while learning a little bit of the science behind the hero.  You can get inside the Hulk's gamma-charged brain, use radar like Daredevil to navigate a dark hallway, climb on the wall like Spider-Man, operate Doc Ock's tentacles, and more.

For parents and educators, the exhibit's site featured a Content Guide (no longer available) with ideas for organizing a school visit or for enhancing the educational experience for you or your children.

Marvel Super Heroes: The Exhibition

Below are a few pics of the Iron Man display from my visit to the exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center.  Besides the science experiments, there's an art gallery, a short film with Stan Lee, and, of course, a gift shop.  The St. Louis showing featured a tribute gallery to hometown girl Laurel K. Hamilton's work.

The Iron Man exhibit allowed guests to harness the power of Iron Man's armor.  Thanks to pulleys, you could lift a Ford Edge SUV like it's nothing.

There was a short character bio next to the Edge.

The exhibit was accented by a life-size Iron Man standup.

This IM banner (art from the Chen/Busiek era) hung over the whole area.

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