Iron Maniac Armor

With a fearsome grimace, Iron Maniac blast onto the scene, the spawn of the twisted imagination of an evil Tony Stark doppelganger.

After breaking out of stasis in MTU #22, an evil Tony Stark, cut off the motor control function of a next generation LMD—one with advanced morphing abilities—and deactivated it. After completely wiping the memory, he established a neural link and created the Iron Maniac Armor.

What made this suit so incredible was its intelligent, molten, malleable quality. It could become anything Stark wanted. The suit could stretch out and grab things, form hooks, blades, spikes, or any weapon he could imagine. The suit conformed to his will, liquefying and expanding, even flowing into his victims.

The design was familiar with its horned mask; yet different in its color scheme (blue and purple steel). Another design note: the armor sports ports on the chest, shoulders, back, and hips—a feature the Iron Maniac Armor shared with its predecessor the Doppelganger Doom Armor.

The suit also had jets for flight.

Armaments: Chestbeam; repulsors; blasters; liquefying tendrils (could shift into what he needed).

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