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Qu'est ce que "L'armurerie d'Iron Man"? If you understand that, you might want to check out The Iron Man Armory in French! A fan in Europe struck a deal to distribute the Armory in French. Sure you can use Google or some other page translation software if English isn't your main language, but now there's an original translation in French. And the translation project is ongoing, so watch for it to grow. The Iron Man portion of

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Marvel Comics On-Line Universe

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Iron Man Creators' Sites

Check out Bob Layton's Site

Artists' Sites

Got some original art? Want it colored? Want to commision a piece of original art? Contact Ian Sokoliwski.


Check out the unique art of Adam Koford at his site.

Other Good Iron Man Sites

Drg4's Iron Man: The Animated Series Page, an awesome site for info on the '90s cartoon.

Advanced Iron, the Iron Man fanzine. Take a look at this Iron Man Issue Reviews Page.

Avengers and Other Allies

Avengers Forever Web Site

Comics interviews, wallpapers, comic reviews and character profiles.

Daredevil Page

Four Freedoms Plaza, a cool FF site.

Comic Resources and History

Join in on the discussion, visit the Iron Man Message Board

Check out this awesome and lengthy site on the History of Comics

Bring On The Bad Guys, an awesome site on the Vile Villainous Villains of Marvel Comics

The Super Hero Cartoon Database

The Unofficial Guide to the Marvel Universe is a Great Guide to the Marvel Universe

Comic Book Resource

Keep up with all things toy-like with The Action Figure Times

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