Armor Army: Iron Man Flyer Squadron

Encountered by the Exiles team in an alternate reality in Exiles #’s 23–25, the Armor Army was a war machine wielded by Tony Stark-Iron Man, Sovereign of Earth, a malevolent despot, who longed for galactic domination.

This Stark had imperial designs beyond the bounds of earth. He wanted to move on to conquer other worlds. And he found the future of his intergalactic army in the untapped genetic power of the Inhumans. All he had to do was conquer them. (I told you he was ambitious.)

Heavily armed the Flyers had a devasting weapons array and were flight-enabled via boot jets. They also sported confinement fields.

Stark launched an attack on the Inhumans’ island of Attilan with his army of Iron Men, four battalions—40,000 of them.

The flyers were destroyed by a screaming Black Bolt.

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