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Prior to the Iron Man movie and its merchandising boom, the Iron Man toy renaissance began circa 1994, when Toy Biz and Marvel, who eventually became one company, helped to launch the action figure boom that continues to this day.  There have been dozens of toy lines based on Marvel properties in the ensuing years, including Iron Man.  Below are pics of the last pre-movie figures going all the way back to that first '94 line.Movies.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

In 2006, the Marvel Legends line continued with Series 14.  This featured two early IM figures: First Appearance Iron Man, in the Gray Armor, and a bonus variant sporting Shellhead in his later golden armor.

Series 15 contained Thor-Buster Iron Man.

A special line, featuring hero-villain two-packs brought us the Modular Armor Iron Man and the Mandarin.

Finally, 2006 also brought the release of Modern Iron Man figure from the Marvel "Icons" line (special 13-inch figs) and a House of M Iron Man.

In 2005, Toy Biz reached way back to IM #304 for the ever-popular Hulkbuster Armor figure.  (He came with a flying board.)

Marvel Legends released the IM fig based the on Adi Granov's art from his run. Although the figure itself was out of proportion, it came with a cool poster book that included various pics of IM as well as a trading card.

In 2004, those fine folks at Toy Biz released another Iron Man figure as part of the ever-growing Marvel Legends line.  This one featured the armored avenger in his Silver Centurion Armor. The figure sported a bulky rocket pack and came with a wall-mountable display base.

In 2002, the Marvel Legends line contained two Iron Man figures, standard and a metallic paint variant.

Each figure came with a full-length comic and a special stand. (Iron Man came with IM #149, btw.) The line also includes Captain America, Hulk, and Toad, each with their own diorama-riffic stand.

Mid-1999 brought the release of a classic Avengers set.  The original line-up was featured and there was a special Iron Man variant covered in shiny gold paint.

The Famous Covers line in 1998 was inspired by the classic Mego figures of the 1970s.  The figures featured cloth and plastic clothes, and allowed users to remove (in this case) Iron Man's mask, revealing the dashing Tony Stark underneath.

Magnetic Armor

A late nineties Avengers figure line featured Iron Man in his Heroes Reborn armor.

In 1994, Toy Biz launched a set of Iron Man action figures in conjunction with the Marvel Action Hour television series.clips.htmlclips.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1

Series 1

Series 3

Series 2

Series 4

*US Agent was cancelled early on.

War Machine 2, Iron Man Inferno Armor, Iron Man Samurai Armor,

Iron Man Subterranean Armor, and Crimson Dynamo

Although Toy Biz discontinued the line before it was released, a few figures from Series 5 can be spotted on eBay for hundreds.

Iron Man Radiation Armor, Iron Man Lava Armor, Dark Aegis, Iron Man Magnetic Armor, and Living Laser

Lava Armor