Iron Man Creators' Corner

Creators' Corner

Conversations with the artists that create Iron Man

Check out these EXCLUSIVE Iron Man Armory interviews:

Marvel Adventures Iron Man founding writer Fred Van Lente chats with the Armory. Be sure to check out the two scripts he allowed the Armory to post.

Kev Hopgood (Don't miss the special War Machine pic he did for the Armory.)

Joe Casey (Don't miss the awesome Writer's Commentary special feature!)

Tom Brevoort

Overstreet Editor J.C. Vaugh Interviews the Armory

Frank Tieri

David Michelinie

Bob Layton

Joe Quesada

Kurt Busiek

Above: Iron Man Movie Mark I Armor, original art by Paul Shipper. Check out his portfolio and commission him at

Bob Layton and David Michelinie at MegaCon 2000. Check out Layton's original armor sketch!

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