Past Iron Man Cartoons

’90s Marvel Action Hour Cartoon
MARVEL ACTION HOUR IRON MAN ran for two seasons, totaling 26 episodes.  It occasionally pops up on cable cartoon channels, but it’s otherwise not available.
After their hit movie, the FF's episodes were put out on DVD--let's hope Iron Man follows suit. Limited episodes were available on VHS. 
Episode list: And The Sea Shall Give Up It's Dead / Rejoice! I Am Ultimo Thy Deliverer / Data In - Chaos Out / Silence My Companion, My Destination / The Grim Reaper Wears A Teflon Coat / Enemy Within, Enemy Without / Origin Of The Mandarin / Defection Of Hawkeye / Iron Man To The Second Power - Pt 1 / Iron Man To The Second Power - Pt 2 / Origin Of Iron Man - Pt 1 / Origin Of Iron Man - Pt 2 / The Wedding Of Iron Man / The Beast Within / Fire & Rain / Cell Of Iron / Not Far From The Tree / Beauty Knows No Pain / Ironman, On The Inside

Original Animation Cel From The Show. (Note the difference.)
Here's another Animation Cel from the Marvel Action Hour.
Clips from the show:

Iron Man in Volcano

Iron Man Takes Flight

Iron Man Attacks

A promotional cel for the cartoon featuring War Machine.

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A promotional ad for 1990s Iron Man TV show. Note the difference in Iron Man's armor at this early stage.

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There was an Iron Man TV show on in the 1960s, released to video in 1991. Each tape contains two episodes. The shows are a bit hokey, to say the least, but interestingly enough, they are very much like the new craze of motion comics Marvel is producing.

Episodes of the 1966 Series:

Episode Number and Chapter Titles

Story 1: Double Disaster, Enter Happy Hogan, Of Ice And Men

Story 2: Death Of Tony Stark, Hands Of the Mandarin, Origin Of The Mandarin

Story 3: Ultimo, Ultimo Lives, Crescendo

Story 4:Mandarin's Revenge, Mandarin's Death Ray, No One Escapes The Mandarin

Story 5: Crimson Dynamo,The Crimson Dynamo Strikes, Captured

Story 6: Enter Hawkeye, So Spins The Web, Triple Jeopardy

Story 7: If I Die, Let It Be With Honor, Fight On! For A World Is Watching, What Price Victory

Story 8: Mole Man Strikes, Dragon Of The Flames, Decision Under The Earth

Story 9: The Other Iron Man, Death Duel, Into The Jaws Of The Death

Story 10: Cliffs Of Doom, The False Captain America, The Unmasking

Story 11: My Life For Yours, Black Night's Gambit, Menace Of The Monster

Story 12: Dream Master, If A Man Be Mad, Duel In Space

Story 13: The Beauty And The Armor, Peril In Space, As A City Watches

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Box for the 1960s cartoon video.