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Developed bit by bit as Teen Tony came into his own.

Iron Boy Armor, Model XX, Mark I. After appearing in this reality the young Tony Stark began building his own armor around Iron Man #326. Seemingly reluctant--or unable--to build an entire suit of armor, Tony built Model XX in stages (almost one part at a time).

The Iron Boy Armor saw the return of polarized armor (thin, cloth-like outfit that could be worn under everyday clothes until a mangne-field polarizes it and the gauntlet and chestplate sections to iron toughness). Stage one began with a chestplate (with built-in heart respirator) and a pair of gauntlets (which were connected to, and supplied power by, wires attached to the chestplate. The new gloves were slimmer than the immediate previous model and had spikes on the fists. In the palms, new Magneti-Repulsors were an improvement over previous repulsor designs, but Tony still upgraded them before battling Frostbite (in #327).

Even in this limited configuration Tony could transfer power from his chest device to others, but with such a basic set-up the procedure was inadvisable--especially since he was plagued by an external drain phenomenon. A power belt was soon added to deliver the necessary "oomph."

Although quite basic, this three-piece-suit also contained limited sensors and tracking equipment (revealed in a compartment that slides open on the left forearm). The gauntlets also include a radio.

In Iron Man #328, Teen Tony took the step he'd been resisting and finally built and entire suit: Model XX, Mark I-A. Cobbled together from a blender, a toaster, a doorbell, and Janet Van Dyne's favorite reading lamp (and presumably other parts found in the Avengers' Mansion) the full Model XX is a dramatic reinvigoration of Shellhead's look.

A large, upper body design with wide, bulky shoulders and a large horse collar, the Iron Boy Armor abandoned Iron Man's traditional sleek look, opting for a look that
signaled brute strength and invincibility. Huge, over-sized, articulated musculature made up the arm sections, which featured robotic super-joints. Over-sized fingers rounded out the big gauntlet pieces, which continued the sweeping design concept. Recessed circles on the outer wrists (and boot sections) could launch cold and heat shields (and possibly repulsors).

The boot jets featured the brand-new Integrated Hyper-Thrust technology (patent pending)--which gaves the Avenger a little extra kick. The usual Stark gyro-stabilizers provided attitude control.

With all that new thrust Stark also redesigned the helmet's head case enabling it to instantly, automatically, secure helmet integrity at extreme speeds.

Sensors could monitor the life signs of others.

The special feature of this armor: The chestplate featured a gizmo not seen before--or since--the Pulser. Positioned just over the heart, just left of center, the pulser was designed to shunt off energy assaults and system overloads. Notably, this model did not have a chestbeam.

Armaments: Full range repulsors; fine-focus lasers; Therma-Screen, a heat and cold shield; capable of projecting microwave pulses; can fire subzero projections.

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