Outer Atmospheric Armor, Model XXIV

SKIN Armor,   Model XXV

TinMan Armor,       Model XXVI

Plastic Ghost Armor, Model XXVII

Asgardian Thor Armor, Model XXVIII

Ablative Space Armor, Model XXIX

Pentagon Armor,      Model 30

Hypergravity Armor, Model XXXI

Extremis Armor, Model XXXII

Other Armors

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A Database of Iron Man’s Mighty Armors

The Armory Armoire


Armor Models      By Issue

Original Gray Armor, Model I, Mark I

Golden Armor,            Model I, Mark II

Proto-Classic Armor, Model II

Post-Protoclassic Armor, Model III

Flexi-Armor,  Model IV

Classic Red and Gold Armor,   Model V

Depolarizing Armor, Model VI

NeoClassic Armor,     Model VII

UltraPower Classic Armor, Model VIII

Space Armor, Model IX

Stealth Armor, Model X

Rehab Gray Armor,    Model XI

Silver Centurion Armor, Model XII

Hydro Armor, Model XIII

Oversize Red and Gold Armor,   Model XIV

Encephalo Remote Armor, Model XV

War Machine, Model XVI

Telepresence Armor (NTU-150), Model XVI

Modular Armor,     Model XVIII

Crossing Armor,     Model XIX

Iron Boy Armor,     Model XX

Iron Boy Holo-Armor, Model XXI

Prometheum Armor, Model XXII

Retro Armor, Model XXIII


Outer Atmospheric Armor—M XXIV, M I

Next generation technol-ogy, tested but untried, until Iron Man put Justin Hammer on ice, taking on his own Evader Armor in the process.

Outer Atmospheric Armor, Model XXIV, Mark I. Not satisfied with his current space armors MORE ...


The world didn’t need Tony Stark anymore, but it still needed Iron Man.

The SKIN Armor, Model XXV made its first appear-ance as an incomplete protomodel when Hogan Potts (aka Tony Stark under Ty Stone's mind control) battled Shocker in the NY subway in Volume MORE ...

TinMan ArmorM XXVI, M I

Enter the . . . TinMan.

After determining that his S.K.I.N Armor technology was compromised by Ultron, Tony Stark went into his traditional armor mode: working day and night to create yet another fantastic suit of steel mesh weaponry. The result was The TinMan MORE ...

Ablative ArmorM XXIX, M I

Cool, huh? . . . Very cool indeed. After disposing of his alien ooze-infected armor (Model XXVI), Stark debuted a new creation: the Ablative Space Armor, Model XXIX, Mark I, in Iron Man (Vol. III) #71.

A prototype, originally designed for space exploration in high-impact MORE . . .

Hypergravity ArmorM XXXI, M I

Although its true purpose is still unknown, the beefy Hypergravity Armor, AKA High-G Suit, Model XXXI, Mark I. was donned for a wild space ride in Iron Man #83 (Volume III).

Bulky and tough, this over-sized suit resembles Stark's previous Space Armors, but this model was MORE . . .

Asgardian ArmorM XXVIII, M I

An armor based on a bit of Asgardian magic to avert World War III in Iron Man (Vol. III) #64.

After Thor went on a tear in Slokovia, his old friend Iron Man had to stop him from unleashing a wider conflict. Slipping on the Asgardian Thor Armor, Model XXVIII, MORE . . .

Plastic Ghost ArmorM XXVII, M I

A great way to skin a cat!!

Always prepared, if not a little paranoid as well, Tony Stark didn't trust the Black Panther--and hadn't for a long time. This caused him to make certain modifications to his already formidable Stealth Armor, Model XIII. The result: An entirely new MORE ...

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Armoire Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Pentagon ArmorM 30, M I-A/B

Dress for the Job You Want

With his TinMan Armor ganked by some alien goo in Iron Man #70 (Vol. 3) and auto-destructed in #71, Stark knew his experi-mental Ablative Armor wasn’t up to the day-to-day task of being Iron Man.  At the same time, he was making MORE . . .