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A Database of Iron Man’s Mighty Armors

The Armory Armoire


Armor Models      By Issue

Original Gray Armor, Model I, Mark I

Golden Armor,            Model I, Mark II

Proto-Classic Armor, Model II

Post-Protoclassic Armor, Model III

Flexi-Armor,  Model IV

Classic Red and Gold Armor,   Model V

Depolarizing Armor, Model VI

NeoClassic Armor,     Model VII

UltraPower Classic Armor, Model VIII

Space Armor, Model IX

Stealth Armor, Model X

Rehab Gray Armor,    Model XI

Silver Centurion Armor, Model XII

Hydro Armor, Model XIII

Oversize Red and Gold Armor,   Model XIV

Encephalo Remote Armor, Model XV

War Machine, Model XVI

Telepresence Armor (NTU-150), Model XVI

Modular Armor,     Model XVIII

Crossing Armor,     Model XIX

Iron Boy Armor,     Model XX

Iron Boy Holo-Armor, Model XXI

Prometheum Armor, Model XXII

Retro Armor, Model XXIII


Original Gray—M I, M I

An iron man.  A mighty electrical body to keep Tony Stark’s heart beating after the shrapnel reached his heart in Tales of Suspense #39.

The Original Gray Armor, Model I, Mark I. Made from spare parts, it's a miracle that Iron Man's first suit of armor even worked.  MORE ...

Original GoldM I, M II, III, IV

Golden Armor.  An appearance to match his golden deeds."

In Iron Man's second incarnation, the Golden Armor, Model I, Mark II, most of the changes were cosmetic, a saavy PR move as Tony Stark added invention after invention to make Iron Man even mightier. MORE ...

Proto ArmorM II, M I/I-A

And so the new Iron Man ...Champion of Champions, is born!"

Referred to as the Proto-Classic Armor, Model II, Mark I, was a radical redesign of the early bulky models. The original Model I armor was simply too heavy. Besides being unwieldy and bulky, it used too MORE ...

Classic Red and Gold ArmorM V, M I, II

A Classic Never Goes Out of Style.  His frail heart an ongoing problem, Tony Stark needed more and more power just to keep living, let alone to fight as the invincible Iron Man. His body and armor was under a constant strain, and neither was able to give much more.

MORE . . .

Depolarizing ArmorM VI, M I

When his trusty armor was ruined when Happy Hogan (who was wearing it at the time) fell from Stark's penthouse to the street far below, and his spare was damaged beyond repair by the radioactive Freak, Iron Man's classic look was updated in issue #85 MORE . . .

Flexi-ArmorM IV, M I

When Stark found himself without an armor . . . The Flexi-Armor, Model IV, Mark I, made its debuted iN Tales of Suspense #85. Known as “flexi-armor,” the materials in this suit made it flexible and lightweight, but still tougher than any before—making Iron Man more invincible than MORE . . .

Post-Protoclassic ArmorM I, M II, III, IV

Never satisfied to rest on his laurels,Tony Stark refined his armor, improving it once again in Tales of Suspense #55.

Far more than a way station on the path to Iron Man's Classic Armor, The Post-Protoclassic Armor, Model III, Mark I, is  MORE ...

NeoClassic ArmorM VII, M I

His armor damaged and hacked away by the Blood Brothers, the Controller, the Melter, and Commander Kraken, it became obvious to Tony Stark that any flaw in the metal shell around him might mean his death. Enter the NeoClassic Armor, Model VII, Mark I MORE . . .

Armoire Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Armoire Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Outer Atmospheric Armor, Model XXIV

SKIN Armor,   Model XXV

TinMan Armor,       Model XXVI

Plastic Ghost Armor, Model XXVII

Asgardian Thor Armor, Model XXVIII

Ablative Space Armor, Model XXIX

Pentagon Armor,      Model 30

Hypergravity Armor, Model XXXI

Extremis Armor, Model XXXII

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